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Hey Mama

Can You Relate?

Getting no sleep alone will make you want to throw in the towel! On top of that, you’re in pain, baby is unhappy and this whole breastfeeding thing is stressing you out!  I get it.

I understand

Here to Give Help & Hope

It absolutely can be hard…all of it. You thought it would be easy. You thought it would be more natural. You’re feeling like a failure and maybe you have people around you who think you’re making the wrong decisions. You just want to do what’s best for your baby. Let me help you navigate this worrisome and stressful season. Let’s make breastfeeding a bonding experience for you and your new precious one.

We'll find a solution

Here For Your Success

Many moms find themselves caught off guard when they begin breastfeeding. What is thought to be a “natural process” feels awkward, painful and stressful. It doesn’t have to be!  I’ll help!

A process that gets results

1-On-1 Consultations Include:

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation can be virtual or in-person. You'll bring your baby and whatever you use to prop your baby as you feed him or her.

Personalized Plan + Support

Your plan may include product recommendations, new strategies, or pump fittings. Text and email support will be frequent as you implement the plan.

Communication With Providers

I will make sure to communicate with your pediatrician and keep them in the loop of you and your baby's progress. We work as your team.

Follow Ups As Needed

Insurance will usually cover 6 visits so it's likely we will schedule follow ups as needed to monitor the plan and try new strategies if needed.

There is Hope!

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We’ll get you in within a day or two depending on your insurance company. In the meantime, please download my free guide below to get started while you wait. After you begin the insurance process, I will contact you.

Free Guide

While You're Waiting

You’re already stressed so waiting even 24 hours to get in seems hard. That’s why I created this free guide to get you started with some simple tips you can begin now.

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In case you were wondering


You may be wondering how a consultation works. I’ll see if I can help answer some of those lingering questions.

Bring your sweet baby, what they use to nurse (boppy, pillow, etc), and your pump if you have questions about pumping.

Virtual and In-person are options.  We’ll decide what is best for you before your first consult.

Katie will wear a Kn-95 mask. Mask wearing is optional for moms. Sanitization is frequent and thorough.  Protecting you and your baby is a high priority.

Yes, insurance is accepted. If the insurance doesn’t pre-approve the consultation, I can assist. One option that I offer is called a “super bill”. This is something that can be done before beginning and submitted for reimbursement upfront.