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Welcome! I'm Katie Pipinich

Simplifying Wellness & Nutrition
From The Beginning

I am dedicated to empowering people to live their best life by focusing on overall wellness sustained by simple practices. By combining knowledge, training and expertise, I help others navigate through some of life’s biggest moments and biggest changes.

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How I Can Help

1-On-1 Breastfeeding Consultation

Supporting and empowering mamas to make breastfeeding less complicated and more enjoyable for both mama and baby.

Removing anxiety & Frustration

If things aren't going as planned or you've reached an unexpected hiccup in your breastfeeding journey, I'm here to help you navigate these unknown spaces and bring support and education to make breastfeeding what you hoped it would be.
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For the mama who wants to be fully prepared for a successful breastfeeding experience.

Helping you plan & Prepare

There are so many resources and conflicting recommendations related to breastfeeding making it hard to know what advice to follow! This self-paced e-course will help you sort through your options, clarify your choices and guide your preparation before baby arrives.
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Corporate Wellness

Investing in the health of your business by investing in the health of your team.

A Personalized Wellness Approach

Wellness does not fit into a one-size-fits-all program. That's where many corporate wellness programs fall short and where our approach differs from most. Our wellness programs are personalized based on your employee and company needs. Compliance and participation increases through personalization.
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Postpartum Support

Helping moms take care of themselves after the baby arrives.

Postpartum Support

Life after having a baby can feel like a whirlwind! As moms, we tend to put ourselves to the backburner. The Postpartum, Revitalized group coaching program is here to help moms feel prioritized, nourished and supported in the postpartum season.
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Personalized Programming

Corporate Wellness

Personalization is the key to high participation, utilization and retention. Our corporate wellness programming considers the unique needs of your individual employees and the overall needs of your company.  We will do all of the footwork and management including working with your insurance provider. Providing this benefit to your employees will make a huge impact!

no-judgement support

Breastfeeding Help

Whether you are new to breastfeeding, you are currently struggling through it or you have tried it in the past and want it to go more smoothly, I will support you and provide valuable resources. Unlike many lactation consultants, I will not guilt you into solely breastfeeding. I will educate you about your choices and empower you to make the best decisions for your baby AND for you.

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