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You might consider yourself “type A”. Others might say you are always the most prepared and “on top of it” person they know. You just like to know what’s coming and be able to prevent any potential stressors and make breastfeeding an enjoyable and bonding experience.

Hi! I'm Katie Pipinich.

Qualified. Empathetic. Experienced

I have a Masters degree in Nutrition and have completed advanced training to be an Internal Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I’ve worked in a clinical setting for 10 years. Probably my most qualifying experience is that I’m a mom of two kiddos and I breastfed them both. Both of my kids had tongue ties and we really struggled. I was overwhelmed and stressed and I kept hearing it was time to give up and start formula. I just needed more education, more support and more guidance about how to approach breastfeeding differently based on our unique needs.

That’s why I created this E-course; for mamas like me and like you that just need a few more tools from a supportive expert. I want to help prepare you to have the most successful breastfeeding journey that you are hoping to have.

Gain Confidence

Tools For Your Success

This e-course is designed to give you the tools and tips that will equip you before your baby has arrived and will support you after your baby arrives.  You will learn your baby’s unique needs and this course will enable you to feel confident in your feeding abilities. 

Best Life Simplified

Intro To The Breastfeeding E-Course

This online program includes 12 separate modules, weekly access to an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (Katie), a private Facebook group, and many other tools to give you exactly what you need for breasting success!  Each module will provide detailed guidance for each stage of the breastfeeding journey.  This is a program specifically designed to give you the general tools you need along with the specialized help to meet your personal breastfeeding goals!

Step-By-Step Videos

New Mom Checklist

Weekly Live Q&A

Facebook community

Breastmilk storage guide

Option to Add Texting/Voice Messaging

E-Course Module 1

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding isn’t as instinctual as we think it might be. Knowing the basics of breastfeeding will better equip you with a knowledge and understanding of what you might experience.

E-Course Module 2

The Early Days

These videos help you to learn and understand your baby as well as how to prepare for potential hang ups. You’ll have a full toolbox of tips and tools to help you troubleshoot some of the most common problems mamas experience breastfeeding.

E-Course Module 3

Taking Care of Yourself

They say it on the airplane…put the oxygen mask over yourself before you attempt to put it on someone else. How can you truly take care of your little one if you are depleted? Mama care is necessary for baby care.

Gain Breastfeeding confidence

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Breastfeeding Simplified

A Free Guide to Help you Feel Confident and Empowered

Avoid the chaos and stress that can come with breastfeeding. This guide will help you being to prepare for a successful breastfeeding journey.