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Registered DietiTian

Katie Pipinich

Best Life Simplified allows Katie to share her passion for health with others to help empower them to make meaningful changes to improve their lives.  Empathy, education and experience make her the best support team in your health goals or through your breastfeeding journey.

Not just educated, but experienced

I'm a Mama Too

With 2 kiddos and 2 dogs (which can often be as needy as kids), my husband and our little family get to live in the beautiful state of Montana. I know what it’s like to raise a family, work and try to take care of yourself in between! It’s not easy and I can relate to the juggle and the struggle.

I love knowing my clients’ stories, your story. I love hearing about your goals and dreams.  I prioritize understanding all of the pieces that you’d include in living the life you’ve dreamed of…your ‘best life’. Your unique story and dreams are what inspire my approach to guidance and support. As much as I love talking about nutrition, I know that our wellness goals need to include a multi-faceted plan with an individualized design. I want to help simplify the process of living your best life.

A different approach

Best Life Simplified Values


I approach all of my guidance, education and support with zero judgement. I will be with you in the place and space you're currently in, with the needs you currently have, and the obstacles you are currently facing. I'll listen and make myself available as often as I can to bring comforting support.


The uniqueness of people means that our needs are also unique which then requires a unique plan. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to your health or to breastfeeding solutions. Lifestyle, stressors, health issues, current habits and personal goals are all taken into consideration.


For change to be made and for new habits to be formed, the goals must be accessible. The strategies to reach those goals must also be tailored to the person; their obstacles and current circumstances. Being able to sustain and maintain change requires a simplified process.


My programs and guidance are always backed by scientific research. The recommendations will always have a proven reason as to why it's suggested. Helping clients understand the 'why' or the reason behind the 'what' that I suggest helps with motivation and long-term success.

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Thank you for entrusting your goals with me. I look forward to helping you.