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Postpartum, Revitalized

Hey Mama

Is This You?

You are so excited to finally have your baby in your arms but feel overwhelmed by all the things.  You are stressed about how to feed your baby and you are putting all of your needs on the backburner.  Or you felt those things after your first baby and want this postpartum season to feel different.

Hi! I'm Katie Pipinich.

Qualified. Empathetic. Experienced

I have a Masters degree in Nutrition and have completed advanced training to be an Internal Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I’ve worked in a clinical setting for 10 years. Probably my most qualifying experience is that I’m a mom of two kiddos.  My postpartum experiences were both unique in their own ways but the common denominator was that I put myself last and did not feel supported in taking care of myself.  This led to long-term hormone issues and and an uphill battle to get back to feeling like myself.  Looking back, I needed more education, more support and more guidance about how to nourish myself while also nourishing my babies.  

That’s why I created this Postpartum, Revitalized; for mamas like me and like you that need the support, resources and tools to take control of our wellness in the postpartum period while also learning valuable lessons about how to nourish our babies.  

Gain Confidence

Tools For Your Success

This live group coaching program will give you the support and tools you need to feel confident in your postpartum period.  It will provide support and community to make you feel seen and heard.  You’ll be able to shift your mindset from surviving in mother hood to thriving.  

Best Life Simplified

Intro To The Postpartum, Revitalized Program

This live, group coaching program includes 6 weeks of high level support.  Each week there will be a live, interactive learning session led by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Registered Dietitian. You will also receive an initial call with the RD/IBCLC to discuss your goals in postpartum.  In addition, you’ll have access to a community of other moms who get it.  You’ll also have access to tons of resources including a self-guided breastfeeding course.  This program was created to help you thrive in the postpartum period while also giving you tools/resources to feel confident in your ability to feed your baby.  

Live weekly trainings

1:1 session with Rd/IBCLC

Access to RD/IBCLC for any questions

Facebook community

Access to breastfeeding course/other resources

weekly check-ins to keep your goals at the forefront


The weekly sessions will be interactive and leave you with valuable information to help you succeed.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice any struggles you are experiencing.  


The period of time after having a baby can feel so isolating.  It feels like you are in the thick of things trying to manage your new normal while everyone else is going about their regularly scheduled lives.  It doesn’t have to be like this.  Moms need other moms.  The community support in Postpartum, Revitalized will quickly become a place that you feel supported and encouraged by.  

1:1 call w/ RD/IBCLC

This call will allow us to understand where you are at in your postpartum journey. We will discuss your goals and struggles.  You’ll get to know Katie and feel supported by her throughout the 6 weeks and beyond.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!!  This program is ideal for moms who are around 1 year postpartum or less.  It can also be a good fit for moms who are beyond the 1 year mark but still really struggling to feel like themselves again!

Insurance does not directly cover this program. However, you can submit it to your HSA for reimburement.  

Yes!  You will have the option to continue in a monthly membership option to have continued support.  I also offer 1:1 support that is a great option if you need additional support!

Of course!  I want this program to be as accessible as possible for you.  We can split the payment over 2 or 3 months with no additional fee.  

go from surviving to thriving in the postpartum season

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